Aunty Ellen’s designs incorporates limited edition, deadstock fabrics sourced predominately from The Fabric Store. This redistribution of fabrics reduces production waste and utilises materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.  

With associated costs considered to be too high for repurposing or recycling fabric most deadstock fabric ends up in landfill. With fear of counterfeit production some designers resort to the destruction of deadstock fabric. Large fashion house, Burberry is one of many brands caught out for their destructive ways, burning over $50 million worth of unused fabric and products in 2018!



But why do fabrics end up as deadstock?

  • No longer relevant for a brands designs or ‘in season’

  • The designer/manufacturer had an overstock of fabric

  • The fabric had flaws, which were unfeasible to ‘cut around’ in a mass production setting

  • A company closes down, leaving a large amount of leftover stock.

  • Cancelled orders


Please note that these fabrics are limited edition and may only make up a few designs. See Privacy & Terms and Shipping & Returns for more info.


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